So I Started Attending An Episcopal Church

Before writing anything further, it is important to say that I am not promoting any particular Christian denomination or church.

This is being shared with you because I want you to have now or to find one day soon a church that makes you feel the way that I do about mine.


This message was posted on their website, and I wanted to see if it was true:

Believe this simple truth: God loves you, no matter who you are. No matter how you have lived your life. No matter your age. No strings attached. At St. John’s, we believe in God’s transforming love. Like Jesus, we believe God’s Spirit working through us can give life meaning and purpose. Our greatest desire is that you experience how much God loves you and wants to be a part of your life.

These words touched something in my heart in a way that said, “This is the way church is supposed to be.”

I almost wrote these words down on a piece of paper to carry with me to visit that first time so that if anyone had approached me, I would have said, “Tell me please. I need to know. Is this true?” But I decided against it because that’s not the normal kind of thing one hears every day, and I was afraid of my own desperation showing through.

As it turned out, when I picked up a program of worship, these words were the first thing on the front page right under the name of the church.

So I sat in a pew at the back and read those words again.

I’m uncertain exactly when I knew for sure that those words were true. It may have been sometime while the visiting priest was giving her message called a homily (as I learned from the program). I don’t think there were any special words that she said that let me know, just how she spoke that let me know. It radiated from her and from everyone there.

It just was.

So I started attending an Episcopal Church.