The Very Tight Box Of Christian Writing

The Very Tight Box Of Christian Writing

Shaking Off Conservative Evangelical Fundamentalism

I have been blogging off and on for the past six years using several different WordPress sites. Most of these have been about my Christian faith with each having its own different voice and tone. Each was a different attempt to fit into the box without really knowing how very tight the box was. Sometimes I would just start with an entirely new website address, and other times I would delete everything and start again with the same old website address.

With each fresh start I would tell myself not to get stressed out by stats for “follows” and “likes” and not to compare myself to others, but I inevitably did. [1]

I have tried to figure out why other Christian writers were more successful and then attempted to replicate their success. My posts changed in style and content. I soften statements and edit out content that would not be popular, content that does not fit into the very tight box of conservative evangelical thought.

When I edit out content, I am editing out a part of myself, and I am also editing out a part of God’s transforming love for a reader somewhere who needs to hear experience it. This truly concerns me.

Why am I so unsure of my writing and of the message I believe is the one I am to share?

I wonder if the fault is with me. It can’t be that there is a problem with “The Box.” Or can it?

Could it be regardless of all the writing I’ve done trying to fit into “The Box,” I’ve slowly broken away from the regimented brand of Conservative Evangelical Fundamentalism found so often in Christian writing? [2]

And if so…Is it just enough to write my own truth?

Jesus is not just for straight, white, middle class, conservative, evangelical, fundamentalist Americans.

Jesus Christ is for everyone. No prerequisites. No strings attached.

That may be a very unpopular and even dangerous message. If that is my message, more than how do I write it out, how do I live it out?

Thanks For Reading,

Gracie’s Dad

The Bery Tight Box Of Christian Writing

Footnotes and other not necessarily important items…

[1] Right now I really want to focus on my message without being swayed by the thoughts and opinions of others. I do appreciate dialogue, but right now I need to pay attention to my inner dialogue. I’m not sure how that will look, but if I don’t comment back or follow back or like back, please don’t be alarmed.

[2] This may sound like a criticism, but it is not intended to be. If anything, it is a criticism of myself. I can see how I try to write like what I’ve heard and what I’ve read. I think we internalize and then copy certain patterns without realizing it. This may be particularly true due to the striping influence of the Christian publishing business. I don’t want my writing to be guided by what is popular or what sells.

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