Moving & Under Construction


This blog has been a real learning experience for me! At first it started as a kind of journal to record my thoughts and what was going on in my spiritual life. Then I started posting comic strips (some funny, some serious). They became more popular than my other spiritual journey posts, so I moved the spiritual journey posts to the “Pages” section and kept up the comic strips in the “Posts” section.

That has worked reasonably well, but I’m finding that some people just visit for the “Posts” while others visit for the “Pages.” So it’s like I have two different things going on here with two different audiences. That’s not really the best way to do this.

Because of this, I will be starting a new WordPress blog for just comic strips, and this one will return to its original purpose of recording my thoughts and what is going on in my spiritual life.

If you’ve been following for the cartoons, please select the “Under Construction” sign above. It will take you to my new blog which is coincidentally also under construction!





Why “Rethinking God’s Word For The Rest Of Us”?

Although you almost have to have a tagline with WordPress, this is just another way of saying what I am trying to do here.

“Rethinking God’s Word” is carefully examining what I’ve been told that God’s Word says. (Sometimes people tell us wrong things.) It is also being aware that my mental processes and heartfelt beliefs may influence what I’ve told myself that God’s Word says. (Sometimes we tell ourselves wrong things.)

“For The Rest Of Us” is anyone who feels left out, who you might call “Outsiders.” Jesus has always reached out to the “Outsiders,” even though He was as much of an “Insider” as anyone could ever be! Just thinking about that makes me ridiculously joyful in being an “Outsider.”


We know that God does not listen to sinners, but he does listen to one who worships him and obeys his will.

John 9:31

This is an example of what I want to avoid. Although the words “God does not listen to sinners” are indeed in the New Testament, if not understood properly, these words can be terribly misused to alienate and harm people. The entire Chapter 9 tells the whole wonderful story of the removal of blindness.

God does not hate you. You are not going to hell.

I hope that the words found here will help to remove my blindness and yours as well, dear reader.


Why A “Very Dangerous” Bible Commentary?

This Bible Commentary is very dangerous for me because I feel compelled to bring my life in line with whatever I write. These words cause me to look more deeply into my heart. These words challenge me to make my words and actions more fully reflect my heart. This is my exercise in writing what I believe and how my beliefs should determine my actions.


You, dear reader, should not feel this same compulsion. None of this is written from the standpoint of “you must believe this”or “you must do this.” We are each responsible for our beliefs and actions, and so nothing that I write here should be taken as my saying to you, “This is the way. Walk in it.” [1]

Yet I would not be much of a writer if I did not speak with a certain amount of conviction, and you, dear reader, would become weary of an endless repetition of “in my opinion” and “it seems to me” and “to me.”


[1] Isaiah 30:21 These words should be reserved for God, though perhaps something that you read here will be in accord with what He has been telling you already.